Leather Repair Company

 Leather Repair Company Withernsea

 Leather repair company withernsea are Based in the North East of England. 
We are specialist restorers in leather repair industry, providing restoration services in many sectors including; leather purses, antique clothing, leather furniture, retro leather clothing, leather car interior, leather clothing, leather flying jackets, luggage & handbags and any other leather items you can think of.. (yes, and those types!).
The magic happens on the sunny East Coast of Yorkshire. Where careful thinking, care, love and affection goes into every aspect of the leather care & repair industry. 
We are specialist manufacturer’s of high quality products at unbeatable prices, from leather cleaning kits to leather repair kits, from leather conditioner’s to leather car interior kits, even manufacturer leather repair pens the finest leather repair pens in the world.
 Our leather repair kits come in all shapes, sizes and different colours. We have a data base of over 20, 000 colours, you can find a very small selection of colour’s at leather colours
We don’t just manufacture leather products for the public. We supply other leather repair businesses, furniture manufacturers, clothing manufacturer’s, handbag manufacturer’s, auto manufacturer’s and to the kit car industry. 
Hey, we even have customer’s as far as Australia, Dubai, China, Qatar, Bangkok, Hong Kong & New Zealand. 
They don’t order from half way across the world for the fun of it. Our products are great! 
Here at the Leather Repair Company Withernsea, we even provide a leather training courses & business help & service. We have leather repair courses that fit people from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter what your current skill set is, whether your a beginner or an expert who wants to touch up on leather repair training. We’re here to help, we have a course suitable for everyone. Sure you might be in the hilly highlands of Scotland and can’t make it to pretty little Yorkshire. Not a problem! We’ll come to you. All you need to do is request, book a date, make sure you have the correct equipment.
We also provide a (nearly) nationwide repair service! Give us a call, see what we can do for you. We have several franchises around the UK and the list is of areas covered is growing all the time. 
If we don’t have a franchise in your area don’t worry, we have leather technicians all over the UK we have trained.  So please do contact us Leather Repair Company Withernsea 01482 606864
Failing that, we’re always on the road. We travel all over the UK visiting various shows where we’re more than willing to help the next customer with their questions. If we’re at a show near you, we could even swing by and take a look at Granddad’s old leather sofa sat in the corner.
For further help and advice drop the Leather Repair Company Withernsea an email info@leatherrepaircompany.com

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